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PeopleSoft Simple Web Services (SWS)

Introducing a small but powerful PeopleSoft bolt-on that makes web services very easy. If you have a SQL statement, you can turn that into a web service in PeopleSoft in a few minutes.

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PeopleTools Integration Broker - The Missing Manual

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Chris Malek

Chris Malek is a PeopleTools® Technical Consultant with two decades of experience working on PeopleSoft enterprise software projects. He is available for consulting engagements.

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This book was born from real-world experience working with the PeopleSoft ™ Integration Broker module. This book is for developers written by a developer.

It takes an alternative approach to the documentation from Oracle™. The PeopleBooks on this topic:

  • Is out of date and has many inconsistencies from updates to PeopleTools.
  • Is scattered among a bunch of different articles.
  • Has heavy emphasis on pieces that are rarely used.
  • Has no clear A-to-Z examples which developers require.

This book is meant to be a reference to come back to often for PeopleSoft developers working with Integration Broker. The Integration Broker has a lot of functionality and much of the functionality is not widely used. We will focus on the most used aspects of the product and focus mainly around HTTP and REST web services. Additionally, we will spend more time on providing web services from PeopleSoft to other systems rather than PeopleSoft acting as the client or consuming web services.

My goal with this book is to pass on knowledge that I have gained over the years wrestling working with the product. I hope it will help many people that are working with the product.

Intended Audience

This book is for anyone creating or calling PeopleSoft web services. It focuses more on the development aspects than the infrastructure aspects.

  • PeopleSoft Developers
  • Technical Staff trying to integrate with PeopleSoft web services

Assumed Skill Level

  • Familiar with PeopleCode
  • Familiar with web technology
    • HTTP
    • REST
    • JSON
    • XML

Book Structure / Approach

  • This book focuses mainly on Synchronous and Asynchronous HTTP web services.
  • Additionally, this book currently focuses on PeopleTools as the provider of the web service and NOT PeopleSoft calling web services.
  • We will build out a trivial web service of each type then build on those throughout the book to look at different configuration options like security and processing models.

Table of Contents

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