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Chris Malek

Chris Malek is a PeopleTools® Technical Consultant with two decades of experience working on PeopleSoft enterprise software projects. He is available for consulting engagements.

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Looking for pain-free PeopleSoft web services? 😀
PeopleSoft Simple Web Services (SWS)

Introducing a small but powerful PeopleSoft bolt-on that makes web services very easy. If you have a SQL statement, you can turn that into a web service in PeopleSoft in a few minutes.




I have to be honest. I absolutely despise SOAP ­čĹÄ. I have had nothing but issues with it on every platform I have ever tried. I feel it is over designed and too complex. I think that is why it is slowly dying.

This book will not cover really anything about SOAP other than notes I have gather at clients sites. If you are being requested to use SOAP argue against it. It would be like reaching for COBOL.

Invoking SOAP Services in PeopleSoft

Please refer to the section on the PeopleSoftServiceListeningConnector to see how to work with SOAP.