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OnAckReceive (OnReceive)

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/*  OnAckReceive will pass in a message to your
derived application class method.
In order to access the data, you must use &message.GetContentString()
which will return the data in string format.
The possible return values of this method are:
DONE -(%Operation_Done)
ERROR -(%Operation_Error)
RETRY -(%Operation_Retry) if the Delivery Mode is Guaranteed. If RETRY is returned
when Delivery Mode is Best Effort, the the status will be changed to DONE_NOACK.
DONE_NOACK -(%Operation_DoneNoAck) Only Applicable if Delivery Mode is Best Effort.
If the Delivery Mode is Guaranteed then status will be changed to DONE.
For the case when Delivery Mode is Best Effort, in order to determine passed in status of transaction check the ResponseStatus property on Message Object.  If ResponseStatus is %IB_Status_Success then the status passed is DONE.  If the Status is not successful then the status passed
is DONE_NOACK, and the actual exception can be determined by the IBException object within the
Message Object.
If an error occurs the OnError method if implemented will be
automatically invoked. The type of exception can be viewed by using the
Message object to retrieve the Exception object (&Message.IBException).
Please see the PeopleCode Language Reference guide for
more information about the Exception class.

interface IReceiver
   method OnAckReceive(&message As Message) Returns integer;
   method OnError(&request As Message);